Sandals St Lucia

13 Reasons You Should Stay at Sandals St. Lucian Grande

St. Lucian Grande

Sandals St. Lucian Grande

I had the most magical 30th birthday celebration in St. Lucia at the Sandals Grande. It was definitely one of our favorite trips of all time. This resort has so much to offer. Everything from the food, entertainment, staff, and views, made the perfect vacation.  My list could go on and on why I love this place, but I’m just going to leave you with 13 reasons you shoulder stay at the Sandals St. Lucian Grande

1. The Views & The Beach

I will say this is the best beach I’ve ever been too. Jon and I are usually pool people, but it was so hard to pull me away from this beach. The water was perfect and calm, and the views were amazing. Ahhh, I want to go back just thinking about it. Jon and I missed our dinner reservations one night because we couldn’t pull ourselves away from the gorgeous views while sipping champagne in the floating hammocks.

2. Dinner on the Pier

The first thing to do when you get to Sandals Grande is to make all dinner reservations that require a reservation. The top place that will book up quickly is dinner on the pier. Gordon’s is an amazing restaurant with stunning views. You must eat here. The food is great but the romantic setting is so perfect. It was definitely a big highlight of our trip.

Sandals St. Lucia

3. Free Watersports

I was determined to check paddleboarding off my bucket list this trip since we never get around to doing it. We had the best time paddling around enjoying the scenery. We even had a lot of laughs when I startled Jon causing him to fall off the paddle board. I’m dying laughing just thinking about it. So, the best part about the free watersports is that waterskiing and wakeboarding are included without an additional charge. It was the best experience to watch Jon do one of his favorite hobbies in this stunning location.

Sandals Watersports

4. The Pub

The pub was such a fun hang out. It was the place to go for late-night meals and late-night dancing. We had a blast in here, and I burned off many calories on the dance floor.

5. Soy Sushi & Kimono’s

This area is an amazing addition to the resort. You do have to have reservations at Kimono’s to enjoy the hibachi dinner. However, Soy is even better than Kimono’s and no reservations are needed. The sushi was so yummy but the unique cocktails stole the show. Order the Cucumber Sake which comes out with shot glasses made out of cucumbers. I just love the thoughtful details.

St Lucia

6. Trivia Night at The Piano Bar

One of the best activities at night is music trivia at the piano bar. Everyone splits into teams, and the very talented pianist plays the beginning of mostly pop culture songs without the lyrics. Jon actually guessed several correctly. Ahhh, so fun!

7. JJ’s Speedboat Tour

This was the most talked about tour at the resort, and I read many great reviews while doing my research prior to flying to St. Lucia. The staff is super fun, but I think the whole trip depends on how fun of a group you are with. Our group was a little on the lackluster side, but that did not stop Jon and me from making the best of it.

This speedboat takes you around the island and shares a lot of fun facts. They also bring a Sandal’s photographer with them to take photos in front of The Pitons and at the mudbath. You also get to enjoy an authentic lunch and lots of rum punch on the way back to the resort. Overall, I wasn’t as impressed as the reviews, but I do think it depends on the group you go with. Luck of the draw. I would still recommend it.

8. Themed Nights

My favorite themed night was “Lover’s Night.” We watched their version of “The Newlywed Game.” Jon and I were actually selected to participate, but I chickened out. Surprisingly Jon was game to play. Maybe next time. They also had a beach carnival, talent show, and reggae night while we were there. There was definitely always something to do.

9. Barefoot By the Sea

One of the best ways to eat is to have your feet in the sand. The best meal I had while in St. Lucia was at Barefoot by the Sea. This restaurant is waterfront picnic table with candle-lit. It’s magical. My meal included the best salmon I’ve ever had with a side of rice, corn, and stewed tomatoes. Anyone that knows me well knows that rice and stewed tomatoes are one of my favorite southern meals, so to have this in the Caribbean was a real treat.

St. Lucia Sunset

10. Dino’s Pizza

Every afternoon after spending so much time by the beach and pool, Jon would go to Dino’s Pizza to place our to-go pizza order. Pepperoni for me and Hawaiin for him. It takes about 20 minutes to make, so we would continue lounging by the pool until it was ready. We would then finish our pizzas in bed before Jon took his afternoon nap, and I got ready for the evening. So romantic, right?!

11. Activites on the Beach

The activities team had a ton of activities going on throughout the day. Jon and I never woke up in time for the fitness classes, but a few of the classes included yoga, absolute abs, Tabata and aqua fitness. We did participate in a corn hole competition and a water balloon toss.

12. Buffet Breakfast

We loved the buffet breakfast each morning, and we always chose to eat outside where we could enjoy the view. The food stayed fairly the same throughout, but there was a huge variety. They had everything from an omelet station, pastries, smoothies, cereals, yogurts and a hotline. The buffet also featured unique fruits. I was able to try a few different types for the first time.

13. Various Places to Chill

The best part of the resort was exploring the various places to hang out. During the day Jon and I found a very secluded area with loungers and swings. It felt like we were on our own little island. We also enjoyed hanging out by the various firepits around the resort. Seriously it was so nice to relax and reflect on how lucky we are to experience such a beautiful place.

St Lucia Views

To say we had an amazing time and that my 30th birthday was the best thing ever is an understatement. My husband and the resort even went above and beyond to celebrate my birthday with fresh flowers and champagne. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone, and I would head back in a heartbeat. You can shop my look my must-have travel essentials and my looks down below. Until next time, Cheers!

Sandals Grande St. Lucian

Travel  Must-Haves

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    • Bling Wipes: These chic little wipes are very stylish as effective. After applying sunscreen and swimming in the salt water all day, you will need to clean up your diamond before heading out for the night.
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