1st Trimester Must-Haves


I’ve wanted to recap some of the products I’ve used throughout pregnancy starting with the 1st trimester. Just remember to check with your doctor before using any supplement or product that you are unsure about. I brought all of my supplements in with me at my 1st trimester appointment and reviewed each one with the midwife before using them. There are so many varying opinions on pregnancy, so listen to your doctor. Once you make it through the 1st trimester and into the honeymoon phase of the 2nd trimester, life becomes a lot more enjoyable.

The 1st trimester is a little harder to navigate because, most likely, you haven’t shared with the world you are pregnant. I found myself looking up all the things online to make life more relaxed during a secretive time. I hope this list is beneficial and uplifting during this magical journey you are on.

  1. The Belly Book: All moms told me to document my pregnancy. They all said it goes by so quickly, and you will regret not having those belly photos. So, after lots of research, I decided on The Belly Book Pregnancy Journal. It’s a fun little recap book to document each week and all prenatal doctor appointments. I’ve loved reflecting on this beautiful time.
  2. 30 oz Water Bottle: Hydration during pregnancy is so important and something I’ve always struggled with at work since I’m with patients all day. This tumbler is one of the first things I bought after finding out our big news, and it has helped me to stay hydrated throughout.
  3. Pregnancy Pillow: Well, I’m a belly sleeper, so this has been one of the hardest things for me during pregnancy. The pregnancy pillow is a must-have. It’s super comfortable and keeps me from rolling over in the middle of the night. It helps with other discomforts as the pregnancy progresses.
  4. Mini Smartphone Camera: This is a must for the belly journal, and it will come in handy with the baby book after our little guy arrives.
  5. Belly Butter: Everyone wants to keep the stretch marks away during pregnancy. I also think it’s essential to have a slow, steady weight gain throughout pregnancy and to stay hydrated. Adding in a little cream can’t hurt, right? Most research shows that genetics play a huge role, so we will see.
  6. Preggie Pop Drops: I had mild to moderate nausea from week six until week 20 of pregnancy. I started taking a few over the counter supplements that my doctor recommended at week eight, which took it entirely away. I also had these candies on hand, which helped with the added Vitamin B6, especially since saltines made me more nauseous. Definitely worth the purchase in the 1st trimester.
  7. Instax Mini Instant Film: You’ve got to buy the film that goes with the mini smartphone camera.
  8. What to Expect Book: I’ve loved this book. If I have any questions at all, I can find the answer here. I’ve also enjoyed reading week by week what to expect.
  9. Pregnancy Cookbook: The Feel Good Pregnancy Cookbook by Ryann Kipping, RD (Prenatal Nutritionist on Instagram), is a great resource. She has everything from anti-nausea recipes to lactation recipes.
  10. Prenatal Probiotics: Always check with your doctor before starting any supplements. I’ve continued taking this supplement throughout the entire pregnancy. It helps with immune health, morning sickness, heartburn, gut health, and digestion.

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