New Year Resolutions

30 Goals for my 30th Year

New Years Resolutions 2018

Goals for the New Year 2018

I always find a new year to be exciting, inspiring and refreshing. After a busy holiday season, it’s nice to sit down and make a plan to get organized and motivated to achieve some serious goals. I’ve decided to write out my 30 goals for my 30th year, and I’m including the tools that I’m using to help achieve these goals.
It’s so easy to fall off the motivation train after a few weeks. So, I’m hoping to refer back to this post and the tools I included to maintain momentum going into 2018. Hopefully, this post will inspire and assist you to achieve your personal goals this year as well.
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Self-Development Goals

1. Practice Daily Gratitude

  • I recently purchased this journal from Amazon to help me get started. I’m a sucker for writing out lists, and this journal will make a beautiful coffee table book.

2. Daily Devotions

  • I want to take the time each morning to unplug and read a daily devotion while sipping my morning coffee. More alone time with God is a goal I make every year, and I always start out well with this, but then life gets busy. I want to focus on slowing down and taking time for the little things that make my day better. Some of my favorite daily devotions include this one and this one.

3. Read 10 Books a Year

4. Listen to Audible Books & Podcasts

  • During my drives to work, walks with Maui or while cleaning house, I love to stimulate my brain with podcasts and audible books. A few of my favorite podcasts include The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her, The Model Health Show and The 5 am Miracle. The podcast app comes free with all iPhones, so you just subscribe to podcasts and download episodes for free.
  • I also plan to listen to one audible book per month with the Amazon Audible. Check it out for a small monthly fee you will receive one book per month plus 30% off any additional books, and it’s effortless to exchange if you are not feeling a book you chose. I’m currently listening to this audible book and this one.

New Years Resolutions 2018

Health & Fitness Goals

5. More Walking

  • I recently heard on a podcast that walking is the best cardio that one can do. I’ve decided to add in more daily walks with Maui to enjoy the outdoors and to increase my step count. I am also looking into getting one of these to take walking to the next level.

6. Add Yoga to my Weekly Workouts

  • My mom and I signed up for a one month trial to a new hot yoga studio that’s opening in a few weeks. I’m so excited to add in hot yoga to my weekly workouts with Real Hot Yoga Studio. They have an awesome grand opening deal consisting of 40 days for $30.
  • I also plan to incorporate home yoga workouts to increase flexibility and to decrease the risk of injuries. I recently purchased a new yoga outfit to wear with this fleece vest. Can’t wait to wear this to class. Other yoga must-have items include this yoga mat, yoga mat cleaning spray, hot yoga towel, and yoga mat carrier

7. Increase Resistance Training

  • Hitting the big 3-0 means, I must maintain and continue to increase my muscle mass. It’s all downhill after this. Tone It Up app has a special going on for $6.99/month to receive daily workout moves and brand new total body workouts. They also started selling their products at Target and have the prettiest kettlebells, resistance bands, booty bands, and sliders. Target is also selling my favorite Tone It Up coconut plant-based protein.

8. Lifestyle Eating Instead of Dieting

  • I recently discovered the best weight management trick in the history of methods. However, it’s not a trick or a fad diet at all. The program is on science-based and easily added to your daily life habits. The critical point is to eat fiber and protein at every meal in this trend called F-Factor.
  • As the quote goes by the founder of F-Factor Tanya Zuckerbrot “Eating fiber and protein at every meal makes gaining weight no big deal.” You can learn more about this diet by following Tanya or F-Factor on Instagram. Also, purchase the F-Factor book to learn all the details.

9. Eat More Fiber

  • The easiest way to add high amounts of fiber to your diet includes eating GG Crackers. These crackers are magic. Everyone at my work loves them and are having excellent results. Not only does it help with bloating, gut issues and weight loss, but it can also help with decreasing risk of cancers and decreasing cholesterol.
  • The crackers are not the best-tasting thing in the world, but if you top it correctly, they become addicting. My favorite way to have them is in the form of pizza. Read this article to learn 25 yummy ways to top the crackers. The best part is you will wake up with a flat stomach.

10. Cook Healthier Meals

  • Jon and I love to grill and then add a veggie as our sides, but sometimes this can get pretty boring. I’m ready to take this cooking game up a notch. We received an airfryer for Christmas this year, and I’m excited to start experimenting with different recipes. My parents love theirs and frequently make chicken wings that taste fried but only contains olive oil and seasonings. It’s also a great way to roast veggies without smelling up the whole house.

11. Meal Prep for Lunch

  • This is something I do well with sometimes, but it takes a lot of planning and prep work. However, the gg crackers have made it easier when I’m in a time crunch. I would like to focus on increasing my daily veggies.

12. More Fresh Juices, Teas & Kombucha

  • I love a good green juice and seriously crave Kombucha all the time. Green juice is an easy way for me to increase my veggie intake, and Kombucha is full of probiotics and debloating properties. I’ve even considered making my own Kombucha with this starter kit since it’s so pricey. I recently discovered a green tea Kombucha that I’m intrigued to try too.


13. Make Skincare a Priority

  • Turning 30 means, there is no playing around from this point on regarding skincare. The past few years I have started taking it more seriously in regards to a regimen. I’ve been using Rodan & Fields for the past six months, and I’ve noticed an enormous difference. However, I’m such a product junkie that I like to try different things. I also think it’s good to shake up your skincare routine, so your body doesn’t adjust. Kind of like changing shampoos? Changing up your skincare isn’t a science-based conclusion just something I like to do.
  • One product I’ve been obsessed with lately is this one. I notice an immediate improvement in my skin after one use which is addicting and well worth the price. I’m also all about serums with vitamin C since my skin is super dry, and I love using eye gel pads to combat puffiness and undereye wrinkles

14. Get Regular Facials

  • One goal that I have this year is to spend more on facials than on pedicures. I’ve never had a facial in my life and can’t wait to treat myself soon hopefully. The Skinny Confidential Podcast talks a lot about the benefits of facial massage and lymphatic drainage. So, I did some research and ordered this inexpensive facial cupping kit to do it myself at home. Review to come.

15. Increase Water Intake

  • I have a hard time staying hydrated at work with treating patients one after another. I’ve always loved water my whole life, but recently I’ve been a little bored with it. I have to add turmeric or collagen beauty water to shake things up. The benefits of the two are fantastic as well.

16. Hair Care

  • Since I’ve started coloring my hair again, I have to spend a little more TLC on it to make sure it stays healthy. I recently ordered a water filter for our shower since my hair stylist suggested this would help with the color turning brassy. We haven’t installed it yet, but I will keep you guys posted. This product also helps with keeping the hair bright, and this one helps with the hard water damage. I also have this hydrating serum on my wish list.

17. Adding in Essential Oils

  • I’m all for a home remedy, so why not look into essential oils. I haven’t dabbled with them much, but I’ve used the stress relief oil at work and on planes which seems to help. I purchased a diffuser a few years ago, but it was not the best quality. Any advice or recommendations, comment below.

18. Increase Sleep Quality

  • I usually have so much going on in my head that it’s hard to get quality sleep. Going to sleep isn’t the problem, it’s not waking up every hour and having trouble falling back to sleep. We are updating our sheets this new year and possibly our pillows and comforter too. I want to sleep on a cloud, so that’s the goal.
  • I’ve been looking into using an aromatherapy spray to increase relaxation. I also plan to drink more tea before bed with a pair of aloe-infused socks for the perfect relaxing experience.

19. Practice Stress Relieving Techniques

  • I’ve always been a stressful person, but this is one of the most important aspects I want to work on this year. A lot of these goals overlap with overall decreasing my stress. Stress is one reason why I want to practice gratitude, spend time with God, practice yoga, include essential oils, etc.
  • I’ve heard that stress can be a lack of nutrients, and it’s recommended to increase magnesium to decrease stress levels. I’m also looking into an acupressure pillow since I hold most of my tension in my upper traps and cervical region.
  • New Years Resolutions 2018


20. Planner Queen

  • I’ve used a physical planner since middle school. There is just something about physically crossing off a task and organizing your thoughts and plans in one place. This year I’ve been using an inexpensive 18-month planner that’s worked great for me. Jon and I have also been planning out our travel year. We have a couple of ideas for a few longer trips, but we are hoping to take a good bit of weekend US trips this year. I’ve recently invested in this book to help guide our decision.

21. Increase Blog Productivity

  • My goal for this year regarding the blog is to write three blog posts a month. I enjoy delivering helpful information, but it’s challenging with a full-time job, social life and household to keep up. It’s time to stop the procrastination that I’m so good doing. This new coffee I have discovered is going to take my workouts and blog productivity to the next level. It’s infused with essential vitamins to increase metabolism, boost immune function, increase productivity and increase sharpness throughout the day.

22. Time Blocking

  • I have an awful habit of trying to 20 million things at one time which results in nothing getting done. This year I’m going to try my best to implement time blocking with blogging, house chores, and workouts. You can purchase a time block here.

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Home & Organization

23. Organize the Home

  • My first project is to organize our dining room area. Jon loves to lay his mail out on the table, so I ordered an organizer to be stowed away in the pantry to keep his papers in order and laid out in sections. You can find the organizer here. The next task is to organize our closet and bathroom. Not only will this include decluttering, donating and selling, but I need to add a few containers to store things.

24. Complete Home Projects

  • We have a ton of ideas for the house. I’m hoping we can tackle each project little by little. Adding in a fireplace is the biggest and most expensive project on our list.

25. Cleaning Schedule

  • I would love to hire someone to clean our house even if we only started seasonally, but I just do not want to add another expense when I can do it myself. I plan to develop a cleaning schedule that can break up the tasks to be more manageable. With working full-time and lots of weekends and trying to keep up the blog, makes it difficult to find time for other things.
  • Thankfully, we received the coolest gift for Christmas that is sure to help. My parents bought us a Roomba. Jon is so obsessed with it. We can control it from our phone, so we can always come home to a freshly swept floor.
  • I also love looking at the Pinterest cleaning hacks. There are some brilliant people out there. Did you know you can put a piece of a magic eraser in the toilet overnight and wake up to it sparkling?

New Years Resolutions 2018


26. Unplugging More

  • It’s difficult to live in the moment since we all are so busy documenting everything. I’m going to try to make an effort to be more present this year.

27. Quality Time with Friends & Family

  • This year I want to make an effort to spend more quality time with loved ones. I plan to have lunch more often with my grandparents and more coffee/wine dates with friends. I also want to enjoy more of what Myrtle Beach has to offer. Jon and I love to travel, but we have a destination right in our backyard. There are a lot of activities I want to check off our list.
    • Visit a local winery
    • Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues
    • Lots of boat trips
    • Brew at the Zoo
    • More day trips to Charleston, SC & Wilmington, NC
    • Yoga on the beach

28. More Date Nights

  • Jon and I use to do weekly date nights, and it was my favorite night of the week. We would take turns planning it which was so fun. Once a week just became too crazy with our work schedules. This year I want to dedicate at least once a month for a fun/unique date night. Some ideas I have to include:
    • Take a Cooking Class
    • Fondue Night
    • Driving Range
    • Get Pedicures (Jon doesn’t know about this one yet)
    • Have a picnic by the water

29. Entertain More

  • A big group of us use to have a monthly supper club, but that fizzled out with everyone’s busy schedules. I would like to start entertaining more at our house. Anything from dinner, wine & cheese or a game night. I also plan to decorate our bar cart seasonally. I’m already getting it ready for Valentine’s day.

30. Give More

  • I would love to give more to the church and charities as well as find an organization to volunteer for. My mom wants to volunteer too, so I’m hoping that we can find an organization together.

New Years Resolutions 2018

Whew, looks like it will be a busy but exciting year. Hopefully, this blog post inspires you as well. I hope everyone has a blessed and prosperous year. Cheers to a new year!

5 thoughts on “30 Goals for my 30th Year

  1. Love this!!! I feel like our likes are very similar. #1 I’m obcessed with hot yoga! So refreshing. #2 TJ & I love podcast. Especially when traveling back home. It’s crazy how fast the time flys listening to them! #3 Young Living Essential Oils! I get 30% off if you ever want to use my discount. :)) Excited to see all your post this New Year! ❤️

    1. I would love to use your discount for Young Living. Do you have a diffuser? What other ways do you use the oils? I’m so intrigued.

  2. I turned 30 in November and created my “30 for 30” list- a goal list similar to yours! I’d love to help you out with essential oils! : )

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