15 Things not to miss in Las Vegas

After visiting Las Vegas 6 times in 2.5 years, I’ve compiled a list of 15 things not to miss in Las Vegas. There is something about the city that is so magical to me. I love the lights, action, and energy the nightlife brings, and I love the picture perfect weather, no humidity, and sunshine […]

Sandals Vs. Secrets: An All-Inclusive Review

Comparison is Key My favorite thing to to do is plan our vacations, but it can be challenging to find all the information you need in one spot. I have read dozen of reviews comparing different chains of all-inclusive resorts. My little travel notebook is full of comparisons. I decided to narrow it down and […]

beach yoga

Beach Bachelorette Party

I recently helped organize and plan the itinerary for one of my college girlfriend’s bachelorette party. Ironically her family has a vacation home close to my home in Myrtle Beach, so it was fun to plan something local for a change. The bride is one of my favorite people on Earth for many reasons. She […]


3 Day Miami Itinerary

Miami is a huge city made up of different districts that offer a variety of culture. Therefore, planning a fun-filled 3 day trip with relaxation mixed in was quite the challenge. Jon and I wanted to explore a few areas that we were unfamiliar with as well as spend sometime at the resort just relaxing […]

key west

South Florida to Key West: Road Trip Guide

Every year we try to take a trip with both sides of our families. However, there is a huge problem with traveling with my parents. My dad refuses to fly. Yes, this makes our options for tropical vacations very limited. If we are not cruising on a ship, then we are most likely driving down […]

destination wedding

10 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding

There is no way around it. Wedding planning is stressful. Jon and I realized quickly that we did not want to plan a big wedding. We wrote down the pros and cons and decided that a destination wedding was perfect for us. We love to travel, so it was very fitting for us to have […]