How to Get Bikini Ready for Vacation

How to Get Bikini Ready for Vacation

How to get Bikini Ready for Vacation

Final Countdown until Vacation

Well hopefully we will be cruising soon. With all the storms in the caribbean nothing is for sure lately. Jon and I recently had to cancel our St. Thomas trip due to Hurricane Irma, and Royal Caribbean has already changed our stop to St. Maarten to Nassau. My dad is a little bummed about the port changes since he has been to the Bahamas numerous times and was really looking forward to St. Maarten. Mother Nature is out of our control, so we must make the best of all changes.

Crunch Time to Bikini Ready

The past month has been super busy for us. We’ve been in Atlantic City, Lake Norman and Vegas, and working our normal 8-5 jobs in between. I honestly feel like I need to restart my body. I have noticed increased inflammation since our last trip, and a few of my outfits I recently had altered for our cruise is a little snug.

As you can imagine, I am a little worried about this. I’ve always been decently fit and try my best to stay active and make good food decisions. But I will be the first one to splurge if it’s something I really want like french fries or chips/salsa. So our family has declared this crunch time to get bikini ready for our upcoming cruise.

How to get bikini ready for vacation

My Goals to reach before Vacation

I always like to feel my best on vacation for a few reasons:

  1. I like to feel confident and comfortable in my bikini and clothes.
  2. I want to be able to splurge while on vacation without feeling guilty.
  3. I want my tummy and immune system to be top notch before traveling

My mom and Jon have both been on a health kick recently. Jon joined the gym and has been very consistent with his meal prep and gym sessions. My mom is actually competing in a challenge and wants to lose 5 lbs in the next 3 weeks to reach her goal. It’s been a lot easier to get back on track when the rest of the family is your accountability partner.

My goals for the next few weeks:

  1. To decrease inflammation, increase gut health and ultimately feel less bloated.
  2. Tone up: including arms, booty, thighs and abs. Basically tone the whole body.
  3. To feel more energy secondary to the powerful super foods I’m planning to eat.

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Resources to Bikini Ready

When I put my mind to something, I go all in! Over the years I have purchased several different fitness and nutrition programs that I try to implement weekly. Here are a few of my favorites that I’m using to prepare for this vacation

(This post contains affiliate links; see my disclosure policy for details)

1. The Skinny Confidential Meal Plan

I’ve been debating purchasing this plan for a while. I love following Lauyrn on instagram who is over The Skinny Confidential, and I’ve been listening to her podcast nonstop. After feeling so bloated from our recent trips, I was intrigued by her new Bye, Bloat Meal Plan. I’m already loving the plan. Mom and I had a few of the menu items over the weekend and loved it. We also made a mocktail from the plan to enjoy by the pool. I’m excited to include more of her ideas into my meal prep especially to decrease inflammation.

The meal plan also comes with quick and efficient workouts for the busy. I haven’t checked those out yet but plan to soon. Check out her meal plan program here. You can also buy her book here which includes a lot of her skinny tips and tricks.

2. Tone It Up Nutrition Plan

Let’s just say I’m obsessed with the TIU community. The creators, Katrina and Karena, are literally everything goals. I’ve been a member of their program for 3 years now, and It’s definitely worth the one time membership fee of $150. I love keeping up with their weekly workouts since they are short, sweet and effective.

Their meal plan is also great. I’m in love with their muffin and donut recipes. Mom and I will be doing their 7 day slim down the week before we leave for vacation. The first time I did the 7 day slim down I lost 4 lbs of bloat, and I had a couple slip ups that week (Chick-fil-a and a fried pork chop sandwich). The science behind their nutrition plan really does work.

How to get bikini ready for vacation

3. Bikini Body Guide

The BBG program is a 28 minute HIIT workout that will have you sweating. They don’t call it #deathbykayla for no reason. Mom and I just started week 6, but I’m not a huge fan yet. I haven’t noticed major results, and I’m not a fan of some of the exercises. I do love how I feel after the workouts, but I don’t look forward to the them. Maybe it will grow on me.

4. Body Love

I purchased the book Body Love by Kelly Leveque a few months ago after listening to an interview with the author on the Skinny Confidential Podcast. Like most books, I was way too busy to pick it up. This past week I decided to dive in. I’ve read the first few chapters, and I’m blown away by her approach to nutrition.

Kelly is a celebrity nutritionist and hates anything labeled diet. I love how she backs her suggestions with science, results and Jessica Alba. Yes, she is Jessica Alba’s nutritionist. Her top recommendation so far is to replace your current breakfast with one of her Fab Four Smoothies. She guarantees results with this one change. I can’t wait to read the rest of her suggestions, and I’ve already started having her original Fab Four Smoothie before work.

How to get bikini ready for vacation

Other Bikini Hacks

  1. I recently started drinking a pre workout drink on my way home from work. I usually have to have coffee or I would be asleep by 6pm. This pre workout has been a game changer for me. The watermelon ice flavor is my favorite.
  2. Add in squats throughout the day. I try to do 20 squats every bathroom break.
  3. Improve posture with stretching and postural strengthening. This is the physical therapist coming out in me.
  4. Add cinnamon to your morning coffee.
  5. Use a sweat band. I’ve been using one of these since middle school. I think all of my friends from middle school to college have one of these too. You can purchase one here.
  6. Increase cardio a few weeks before. I’m not a big fan of running, but I will do jogging/walking intervals with Maui. I also love using a stair climber.
  7. Climb stairs holding a kettlebell. Since we now have stairs in our home, I try to take advantage of this daily.
  8. I’m adding in a Veggie Greens Superfood Powder to my smoothies the next few weeks, and I’m having a relaxing Calm supplement at night which is full of magnesium.
  9. Don’t forget to self tan. I use Rodan + Fields Self Tanner on my body and this and this self tanner on my face. Like they say “if you can’t tone it, tan it!” But do it safely.

How to get bikini ready for vacation

If you guys would like to learn more tips and tricks to get bikini ready, sign up below to receive my freebie “10 Things to do the Week Before Vacation” USA

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