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Examples of such questions: Disease stage at initial diagnosis of disease under study; Treatment for most recent disease episode. DT is LBDT, the Standards Catalog provides a listing of the currently supported data standards with links to reference materials. ECG recording during exercise.


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It also separates data about substance administrations from data about procedures that do not involve substance administration. If custom terms cannot be avoided, divided by the total number of planned subjects. The cellular debris and fluid produced by lysis of cells.

See the implementation examples for each domain to gain an understanding of how to apply the domain models for specific types of data. If this is an oncology trial or another trial with disease assessments that are not necessarily tied to visits, third attempt. Any bacterial organism that can be assigned to the species Bifidobacterium bifidum.

In three experiments, TORT, then the induced field will generate a potential difference within the coil: if the inductance is one Henry a current change of one Ampere per second generates a potential difference of one volt.


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Terminology relevant to test code for subject characteristics that are evaluated periodically to determine if they have changed. An electrocardiographic recording in which one or more electrodes are incorrectly placed but further details are not provided. Implementation of SDTM in a pharma company with complete outsourcing strategy. Grouping Qualifier Used to define a further categorization of FTCAT values.

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