Secrets Cabo Resort Review

Secrets Cabo: Resort Review

Cabo Resort Review

Jon and I have had a packed end of the summer. Due to Jon’s work schedule, we are only able to travel certain months out of the year, so it has been back to back trips. To say I’m a little exhausted is an understatement. I’m taking it back to our first trip of the summer to Secrets Cabo in Puerto Los Cabo. Jon was working in California, so it only made sense to take advantage of him already being out West. I met him in Las Vegas for a few nights before heading to Cabo. I plan to write an updated blog post on Las Vegas very soon, but you can read my original post here.

Cabo Bound

Honestly, flying to Cabo from the east coast is rather long especially if you are trying to travel on a budget. One thing that made this trip less desirable was early morning flights. I’m talking about 3 am flights. The only thing that made it better was, fortunately, being upgraded to first class and hanging out in Delta’s lounges.

When we arrived in Cabo, our private transfer met us and quickly loaded the car. He was friendly and spoke excellent English. He asked if we had ever been to Mexico, to which we replied yes but only on the Eastern side. He said, “well it’s more beautiful here and safer.” Safer maybe but I still think Cancun/Playa del Carmen has some of the prettiest beaches around. You can read my review of our stay in Playa Maroma here.

Secrets Cabo Resort Review

Secrets Cabo Check-In

Our resort, Secrets Puerto Los Cabo, is 12 miles from the airport and around 40 minutes from Cabo San Lucas. The check-in process took a lot longer than expected, but we were okay with that after they informed us of our free upgrade. One of my best travel tips I can give you: Always pay for the cheapest room and a lot of times you may get lucky with an upgrade. We paid for a garden view and received a gorgeous view of the ocean, pool and golf course.

Secrets Cabo Room Review

I was somewhat disappointed with our room for a few reasons. The biggest disappointment was the coffee maker. I know I sound like a coffee snob, but I love a good detail. One of my favorite amenities of Secrets Maroma near Play del Carmen was the Nespresso machine. It was an excellent touch.

We also had to call several times about the AC. This particular resort’s AC system turns off while you are out of the room. Jon had a hard time coming back to steamy conditions. I can appreciate the conservation of energy, but it seemed to take forever to cool down.

I feel like I need to acknowledge some positives. I loved the bathroom area, the room spaciousness, and the mini bar/secret box that most Secret Resorts have. Room service was also outstanding and came promptly.

Secrets Cabo Pool Area

The pool at Secrets Cabo was gorgeous. There were plenty of chairs and multiple infinity pools with amazing views of the mountains in the distances. However, the pool was too deep for this 4’11” girl. Thankfully they have various platforms throughout the pool to sit on. Pool service was also very timely, but I was not impressed with the variety or quality of drinks. The swim-up bar was bustling for only one bartender.

The entertainment staff kept us entertained throughout the day. Jon loved the daily pool volleyball and basketball, and I loved the DJ and the men and women’s pushup contests.

Secrets Cabo Resort Review

Secrets Cabo Lunch Spots

The main buffet area called The Market Place is out of this world. Every morning I enjoyed fresh juice in several different flavors. They even had my favorite green juice. The breakfast and lunch options were endless and high quality at that.

We enjoyed lunch at Seaside Grille by the pool one day. It is a sit-down restaurant with terrific food but rude staff. Everything we had there was fantastic especially the chips and dip. I enjoyed the chips and queso so much that I returned the next day and asked to have a to-go container to take by the pool. The lady up front was extremely rude and refused to give me any unless I sat down at the restaurant. Umm, isn’t this an all-inclusive resort?! I found some of their rules to be ridiculous and somewhat silly.

Secrets Cabo Fancy Spots

Our favorite restaurant at this resort is Himitsu. We decided against the hibachi sit down dinner due to lack of reservations, and the fact we have this in our hometown. However, we were able to walk in without reservations and eat at the restaurant. You can still order the hibachi meals but without the experience. I always enjoy the quality time anyway. The sushi was amazing, and so were our apps and meals. I had the salmon with fried rice.

Our second favorite restaurant is Portofino. We dined here twice, but beware men must wear long pants and closed toe shoes. Jon thought he could get away with it, and the lady turned us away. So, then a guy walked out of the restaurant and asked Jon if he wanted his pants. We thought she was joking and before Jon responded, the guy dropped his pants in the restaurant. Thankfully he had on shorts underneath and explained the restaurant provided them to him from the back. Such good times!

We had dinner at Oceana our first night in Cabo. It’s a gorgeous restaurant overlooking an infinity pool. Try to go during sunset; you will not regret it. I would say the food was okay, but the views made up for it.

Secrets Cabo Resort Review

Secrets Cabo Nightlife

There was never a lack of entertainment while staying here. Each night consisted of an outdoor show of some sort. We saw everything from fire dancers to fantastic singing performances. Our favorite night was Karaoke night. Honestly, it was the most talented Karaoke I have ever witnessed. I think most of these people were performers who happened to be vacationing here. We also enjoyed the live music near the lobby bar. A few nights they even had an outdoor movie to enjoy. You will always have something to do here.

Secrets Cabo Beach

I was well aware of the beach situation before getting to Cabo. There are very few beaches in this area that you are allowed to swim in, so the beach was no surprise to us. We enjoyed walking down to the beach to watch the massive waves crash onto the shore. We would go day and night to witness how amazing it was. Cabo is not the Caribbean, but it has its unique gems. The resort had an excellent bar with swings right on the beach.

Secrets Cabo Resort Review

Secrets Cabo Fitness

My final day at Secrets Cabo I decided to take the free yoga class. It was a little different from my usual yoga, but it was an excellent class. The instructor did a lot of one on one stretching while incorporating essential oils. I felt fabulous after. The scenery was gorgeous, and honestly, you will never regret a workout especially on vacation. So happy I took this class. They also offer boot camp style classes and have a fitness gym.

Secrets Cabo Resort Review

Secrets Cabo Excursions

Booking excursions at the resort is easy and convenient. We met with a representative who recommended his favorite excursions. The transfer bus picked us up and dropped us off at the resort. We knew the one thing we had to do in Cabo was visit the Cabo Arch. Our excursion consisted of a luxury sailboat with less than 16 people. The food and cocktails were fantastic, but the staff was quite rude. Hoping this isn’t becoming a Cabo trend?!

We first sailed to the arch for a quick photo op with about 100 other boats. It’s a tourist trap for sure. Our next and final stop was a beach cove where we could snorkel and paddleboard. I was quite shocked by the Pacific water temperature. I thought I was in the Caribbean until I jumped in the water. Holy crap it’s cold. Jon said he couldn’t wait for my reaction. Overall, we had a great day.

Secrets Cabo Resort Review

Secrets Cabo Resort Review

Cabo Resort Recap

Overall, If we ever went back to Cabo, we would not stay here again. Although, we got a reasonable rate so that always helps, and the resort is gorgeous with cacti everywhere. However, there was a very wild crowd staying at the resort during our stay. It was so bad one night Jon had to call the front office twice. We are all about having a good time but at 3 am take it inside. We’ve never been to a resort where the other guests became an issue.

I will say the views in Cabo are amazing and very different from the Caribbean. During our excursion, I felt like were in the Greek Islands. Not that I’ve ever been, but how I would imagine it would be.

I’m also disappointed that I didn’t visit Flora Farms while there since it was right down the road from our resort. Flora Farms is an organic restaurant serving farm to table foods. Celebrity spotting is very common here, and the ambiance looks impressive. Another reason to visit again. I felt like this was one of my first negative reviews, but I’m here to speak the truth.

Shop my Cabo resort wear down below. If anyone has recommendations on other resorts in Cabo, leave them in the comments below.

Secrets Cabo Resort Review

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