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Should I say murky sea of presence of mind? Habits, routines or repeated actions. Student seems to be reading at some points. The river has flooded the whole village. Continue reading to know more about them! Does father not go to work everyday? They turn the sentences, choosing correct. Active and Passive Voice with Modal Verbs. You be present verb simple to form in all? The River Thames goes through London. Recommended for elementary students. The student writes the description of two people in two paragraphs. My boyfriend and I are in Florida.

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His father ________ to the office every day. Who is that man seating in the corner? Do they not watch a movie every week? Rooms in the house It is very easy. The Verb to be in affirmative form. Peter, just go and take the tea towel. Arrange the words below to make questions. Does your boss give you positive feedback? Do you want tea or coffee?



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Read this article and learn how to make negative and interrogative sentences in Present Simple and get some tips and examples on their usage.



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Who wants a sandwich for breakfast? Must I put all the bags in the car? Which Naruto Character Are You Most Like? These words are used just before the verb. Does Jenny watch TV in her room at night? Does she love you as the way you do? Rony listens to music every day.



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The word order in Reported Speech remains the same as in direct speech, but it is often necessary to change the verb form and verb tense, pronouns, possessives, and time expressions in.

  • Check out our list of hundreds of phrasal verbs classified in alphabetical order.
  • The Earth goes around the Sun once a year.
  • It often snows during winter.
  • Do they come to the party?


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