top 5 cruise ports

Top 5 Cruise Ports

Top 5 Cruise Ports

Cruising into Year 3

Jon and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary on a 7 day cruise this fall. We always celebrate our anniversary with a much needed vacation. You can check out our 2 year anniversary recap here. I’ve been planning our shows, dinner reservations and excursions. Cruising is one of our favorite types of vacations. You can see so much of the world in just one week. It’s also a great way to see if you would ever like to visit an island for a longer stay. All this planning has me reminiscing on our past cruises. I’m going to share my top 5 cruise ports in no particular order.

1. Aruba Cruise Port

Aruba is considered “One Happy Island,” and I definitely see why. It is on our list of islands to return for a longer vacation. The water is absolutely gorgeous, and there seems to be plenty of action. We were very lucky to even stop at this port due to the high winds. The captain debated on skipping this stop for safety concerns, but thankfully we were able to experience this beautiful place. Jon and I strolled along Palm Beach and settled in for lunch and drinks at the Pelican’s Nest on the pier. It was affordable and a very neat place to enjoy lunch. We then continued along the beaches stopping and exploring the resorts. We fell in love with the Radisson Resort. The pools, vibes and parrots throughout the resort stole the show. I also love how the beach is on one side of the resort, and then there is endless shopping and nightlife entertainment on the backside. We can’t wait to return and fully enjoy all the island has to offer.

Top 5 Cruise Ports Aruba

Top 5 cruise ports aruba

2. St. Kitts Cruise Port

We were very intrigued to see St. Kitts on our cruise itinerary a few years ago. I honestly had never heard too much about the island. Well, what a little gem it is. My absolute favorite part was holding the monkeys. Our taxi driver informed us that there are actually more monkeys on the island than people. He also shared with us that snakes do not exist on the island. Not sure if this is true but made me like this place even more. After taking pictures with the monkeys at the cruise port, we took a taxi to Cockleshell Beach. We loved strolling along this 2 mile strip of beach shacks, lounge chairs and beautiful mountain views. Our initial excursion consisted of taking a catamaran to the neighboring island Nevis, but we were informed that morning it was cancelled due to mechanical issues. We would definitely love to return to this port to explore more of the island.

Top 5 Cruise Ports St. Kitts

Top 5 Cruise Ports St. Kitts

3. Grand Cayman Cruise Port

My mom and I ventured to Grand Cayman on a mother/daughter trip a few years back. She claims it is still her favorite island of all time. We took a boat ride out to Stingray City to swim with the stingrays at a gorgeous sandbar. This was such a scary but memorable experience that I’ll never forget. We enjoyed the scenic ride back since Grand Cayman hosts some of the prettiest homes I’ve ever seen on an island. The remaining part of the day was spent snacking on rum cake and eating nachos at Margaritaville. It would be a dream vacation to stay for a week in the Cayman Islands. Another one on our list to check off.

Grand Cayman Cruise Port

4. Curaçao Cruise Port

Jon and I spent our day in Curaçao at an all-inclusive resort. We booked a day pass to Sunscape Curaçao Resort and Casino. The resort was not crowded at all and had a peaceful beach. Our day was spent sipping, relaxing and a few unlucky spins at the Roulette table. We enjoyed the short walk from the beach to the pool and alternated throughout the day. I’m not sure we would ever fly into Curaçao for a longer stay, but I definitely recommend getting a day pass to this resort if your cruise itinerary stops here.

Top 5 Cruise Ports

Top 5 Cruise Ports Curacao

5. Grand Turk Cruise Port

We’ve now stopped at Grand Turk twice, but we are always excited to see it on our cruise itinerary. It’s so nice to hop right off the boat and just walk straight to the beach without having to jump in a taxi. We love exploring the shops, swimming in the pool and walking along the beach. Jon loves the water here, and most of our time is spent floating in the water with the massive cruise ships in the background. There are a lot of beach bars to grab food and drinks, and we also love the entertainment at the Margaritaville.

Grand Turk Cruise Port

Grand Turk Cruise Port

Top 5 Cruise Ports Grand Turk

Upcoming Cruise Ports

Our upcoming cruise will be here so soon. The itinerary includes stops at Labadee, St. Maarten and San Juan. I’ve actually been to all 3 in the past, but I am having difficulty deciding on our excursions. If you guys have any recommendations for these ports, leave them in the comments below. Until next time, Cheers!

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